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A Sea Vagabond's World

Bernard Moitessier

Verkoopprijs: € 21,95

After he finished writing Tamata and the Alliance in August 1993 while in Polynesia, Moitessier expressed the following wish: "I would like now to write a technical book that would cover three topics: boats, the sea, and the life of a Robinson Crusoe".

This is the book. Moitessier's notebooks include all the know-how and the 1001 tips of this legendary sailor, the knowledge he acquired on the water, in meeting with other sailors, during long passages and his many years in various islands. This simple how-to explains why the sea never changes despite the incredible progress of technology.

The first part of the book details how to prepare for an extensive cruise, what kind of boat, the rigging, the sails, the anchors, on deck, below deck...

The second part describes the passage: the weather, navigation, watchkeeping, heavy weather, and various tips. In the third part, Moitessier takes us to the various islands he visited and shows how to adapt to living in an atoll, gardening, fishing and attaining self-sufficiency.

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