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Never give up

The epic journey of Bouwe Bekking

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'This race is about avoiding problems and dealing with them when you can't. We had a lot to overcome. It felt at times like someone had a voodoo doll and kept sticking pins in it.'

Bouwe Bekking has raced around the world six times and has seen the Volvo Ocean Race grow in stature from a battle amongst privateer maxis to today's clash between corporate-sponsored, pro-crewed racing machines. As a skipper and project manager for the two-boat Telefonica team, he has a unique insight into the 2009/09 Volvo Ocean Race and what it takes to complete such a demanding course, finishing on the podium in the process. More than this, Bekking has long held a deep-seated respect for the oceans and the need for their protection, a theme that runs through his account of this world-girdling adventure. Just as his heroes inspired him, Bekking hopes to help inspire others to look after one of the world's greatest natural resources - water.

Co-written with Riath Al-Samarrai, a member of the VOR media team, Never Give Up is an account of Telefonica Blue's circumnavigation from the perspective of one of the most experienced sailors in the race.

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