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Le Rhin, le Grand Canal d’Alsace, le Haut Rhin, le canal de Colmar Le canal de Huningue, le canal du Rhône au Rhin branche nord



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The Rhine has its source in the Swiss Alps on the flanks of the Saint Gothard mountain range. It then crosses Switzerland, Austria and Germany before watering the low pains of Holland.
During the course of its journey of more than 1,3000 km, it receives the waters of a fluvial basin of about 200,000 km2. The secondary basins of the Meuse and the Escaut are also part of the principal Rhine basin. From the source to the sea, the river is divided into seven big sections: the Alpine Rhine, the lake of Constance, the High Rhine, the Upper Rhine, the Middle Rhine, the lower Rhine and the Rhine delta.
In this guide we are going to follow the navigable section of the Upper Rhine as well as the Grand Canal d’Alsace, an artificial waterway which replaces, for navigation purposes, the loops and shallows of the old river between Basel and Strasbourg.

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Du Breil 22

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