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The Petite Saône, the Saône, the Seille and the Doubs (as far as Pontoux)



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The Saône is the first link in the Saône-Rhône route. Navigable from Corre, it brings towards the Rhône significant numbers of trading vessels and pleasure boats coming from five canals (the canal from the Rhône to the Rhine, the Vosges canal, the canal between Champagne and Burgundy, the Burgundy canal and the Canal du Centre).Upstream, between Corre and Auxonne, the narrow Saône, or "Petite Saône", is a charming and sinuous Vosges River. Pleasure boating has set up in the basins and dock hangars abandoned by traditional river traffic.

Downstream of Auxonne, its wide section is bewitchingly calm, but nevertheless subject to strong floods.

As for the Seille, the main tributary of the Saône together with the Doubs, it is a marvellous waterway, easy to navigate and with plenty of pretty stopovers and places to eat well.

NOTE: Even though the previous edition of this guide was only two years old, it has just had some important updates:

New signage from PK 17 to PK 119, new bridges, new services, new tourist offers,…And also new colour photographs of bridges and branch entries placed, as always, opposite the maps!Maps at scale of 1/25,000 and 1/15,000 for the transit of Lyon.

We note that the kilometre marking of the Saône follows the river and does not take into account the sections that bypass most of the bends. Therefore, between Corre and Lyon, the Saône covers 407 km, while the navigator will only cover 367 km)

Fluviacarte 10

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