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The Rhône.

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The Rhône, the Petit-Rhône and the canal from Arles to Fos.

The Rhône is the main link in the North-South river route that connects Burgundy to the Mediterranean. It is a lively river. And although it is channelled and domesticated, it requires good engines to be able to handle its currents and winds that are sometimes violent.The little away from the river, a few beautiful and very well-equipped marinas provide a welcome refuge.

At Arles, the river divides into two arms, which form a huge delta:

The East arm is the Grand-Rhône, which allows Port-Saint-Louis to be reached, before joining the Gulf of Fos and the Étang de Berre, without passing via the sea;To the West, the sinuous course of the Petit-Rhône crosses the Camargue national park, then its mouth gives access to the marina at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. But it is only waymarked over 21 km, as far as the lock at Saint-Gilles, at the entrance to the Rhône-to-Sète canal;

Concerning the Arles-to-Fos canal, which has been closed by an anti-salt barrage over the last 30 years, pleasure boating is tolerated because of its tourist benefits.

NOTE: We have re-surveyed the river, from Lyon to the Mediterranean, to check the signage, the port entrances, the local services, the locks, and the passages for boats under bridges.

Map at scale 1/25,000 and at 1/55,000 for the canal from Arles to Fos.

Fluviacarte 16

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