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Imray C30, Harwich to Hoek van Holland and Dover Strait

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Edition date 2022.

Printed and corrected to Februari 2024.



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Scale: 1:200 000 WGS 84

Plans included:
Dunkerque (1:25 000)
Nieuwpoort (1:30 000)
Oostende (1:20 000)
Blankenberge (1:10 000)
Zeebrugge (1:35 000)
Breskens (1:12 500)
Vlissingen (1:20 000)

On this 2017 edition the latest depth surveys have been applied where available. The new and amended IMO adopted routeing measures in the area of West Hinder, North Hinder and Maas West are shown. These are due to come in to force at 0000 UTC 1st June 2017.
The latest information on wind farms is included. The waypoint routes showing routes across the North Sea have been updated taking in to account the aforementioned updates. The chart specification has been improved to show coloured light flashes. There has been general updating throughout.

Imray C30

Data sheet

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