Imray C8, Dover Strait
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  • Imray C8, Dover Strait

Imray C8, Dover Strait

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Edition date 2024

Printed and corrected to Januari 2024.



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This edition includes the latest official UKHO data combined with additional information sourced from Imray's network to make it ideal for small craft. It includes the latest official bathymetric surveys. The latest harbour developments at Dover are included. The main chart has been rescaled to provide increased coverage. There has been general updating throughout.

Plans included:

Sovereign Harbour (1:20 000)
Rye Harbour (1:35 000)
Folkestone Harbour (1:10 000)
Dover (1:15 000)
River Stour Entrance (1:35 000)
Ramsgate (1:6500)
Calais (1:20 000)
Boulogne-sur-Mer (1:25 000)

Imray C8, Dover Strait

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