NV Atlas NO 2
  • NV Atlas NO 2

NV Atlas NO 2

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NO 2 NV.Atlas Norge Oslofjord Sør - Svenska Grensen til Kragerø

Editie 2023



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Format: Kombipack Papier / Digital download and App

• Passage Charts
• Coastal Charts
• Details
• Harbour Plans paper & digital

The NV. Atlas Norge NO 2 - Oslofjorden Sør - Svenska Grensen til Kragerø (Oslofjord southern part - Swedish border to Kragerø) includes:

Passage and overview charts (scales from 1:1.400.000 to 1:120.000),

coastal charts (scale 1:40.000) and 13 harbour details scales 1:5.00 to 1:25.000).

The combipack includes overview charts covering the entire Norwegian coast (scale 1:1.400.000) giving general information on currents.

The combipack appears in nv charts new handy Atlas format (A3) and includes paper and digital charts, as well as a navigation software and nv charts free navigation app for mobile devices and tablet PC's. nv charts for the Norwegian coast are based on official Norwegian HO data.

They include numerous harbour details and approaches, passages and anchorages of the given area, including sketches and plans from the “Norske Los” and special charts for the Blindleia and Jomfruland. The clear structure makes finding harbour details or anchorages a matter of seconds. In this way the mariner gets quick access to all important navigational information.

All information is also shown in the nv charts App.

The cartography captivates through well-chosen sheet cuts and ideal scales: e.g.coastal charts scale 1: 40.000.


Passage Charts
S1 Skagerrak og Oslofjorden 1: 375.000
S2 Oslofjorden Sør 1: 120.000
S3 Larvik til Risør 1: 120.000
S21 Norge Sør · Oslo til Trondheim 1: 1.400.000
S22 Norge Midten · Trondheim til Lofoten 1: 1.400.000
S23 Norge Nord · Lofoten til Nordkapp 1: 1.400.000
Coastal Charts
S4 Fredrikstad innseilinger 1: 40.000
S5 Singlefjorden 1: 40.000
S6 Søndre Sandøy til Torbjørnskjær 1: 40.000
S7 Hollenderbåen til Torbjørnskjær og Færder 1: 40.000
S8 Færder til Veierland 1: 40.000
S9 Veierland til Svenner · Sandefjordsfjorden 1: 40.000
S10 Svenner til Tvistein · Larviksfjorden 1: 40.000
S11 Tvistein til Langesundsbukta 1: 40.000
S12 Langangs-, Eidanger- og Frierfjorden 1: 40.000
S13 Langesundsbukta til Jomfruland 1: 40.000
S14 Kragerø innseilinger 1: 40.000
S15 Fredrikstad 1: 10.000
S16A/B Stavern / Hystad 1: 10.000
S17 Langesund og Helgeroa 1: 20.000
S18 Brevik innseilinger 1: 20.000
S19 Jomfruland 1: 20.000
S20A-F Porsgrunn til Skien · Utgårdskilen · Langesund 1: 5-22.000 Verdens Ende · Portør · Kragerø

NV Atlas NO 2

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