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La Seine Amont-De Paris à Virtry-Le-Francois. The upstream Seine.

Laatste editie 2012.



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The transit of Paris on the Seine, the Marne as far as the port of Bonneuil, the Haute Seine and the Petite Seine.

Since the abandonment of the Haute Seine Canal which allowed Troyes to be reached, the Seine has ended at the charming village of Marcilly.There is very little "commercial activity" on this narrow section. But the river livens up some 20 km further on, from Nogent-sur-Seine and the first broad section. Here, the boats are supplied with gravel and from grain silos.

At Montereau, the Yonne joins the Seine, then, at Saint-Mammès, an important town for the inland waterways trade, it is the turn of the Loing to feed the river. A little further on, from Thomery, we start to move into the Fontainebleau forest.

Then, some large and comfortable houses herald the proximity of the capital. Ever more numerous barges accompany your entry into Paris. The Marne joins the Seine between Alfortville and Charenton.

Lastly, the icing on the cake is the transit of the capital, which is a marvel! However, it is a marvel that requires great attention from the pilot, as well as the inland waterways boating license.

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