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Imray G15 Southern Pelopónnisos

€ 23,55
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Edition date 2018

Printed and corrected to August 2019



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Órmos Navarínou to Nísos Kithíra and Ákra Tourkovigla

Scale: 1:190 000 WGS 84
Chart scale 1:190 000

Plans included:
Liménas Kalamátas (1:12 500)
Yíthion (1:12 500)
Órmos Kapsáli (1:5000)
Dhiakofti (1:12 500)
Monemvasía (Yéfira) (1:7500)
Nísos Andikíthera to Nísos Kríti (1:190 000)

On this 2018 edition the chart specification has been improved to show coloured light flashes. The chart has been reschemed and is now portrait so to include the passage to Crete. The overlap with adjoining chart G16 has been reduced so G15 now shows the area Kalámata to Nísos Kríti and Ákra Tourkovigla. The latest harbour works at Yíthion are included as are the completed harbour works at Monemvasía (Yéfira). The harbour plan of Koróni is not included in this edition. There has been general updating throughout.

Imray G15 Southern Pelopónnisos


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