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Bailey Boat Cat

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Adventures of a Feline Afloat


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Bailey is a boat cat. He loves nothing more than cruising aboard Nocturne, gazing wistfully out of portholes, lounging on the sun deck wearing his cat lifejacket, climbing the mast and generally fulfilling his important boat-cat duties – and blogging about them at baileyboatcat.com.

This book captures Bailey’s charm with lovable photos, pearls of 'whisker wisdom' and cheeky asides, all from a cat’s eye view. Chatty, inquisitive and boasting an undeniable cute factor, Bailey explains (for the benefit of us slow-witted humans) the five steps of marine navigation, the importance of cubby holes, and  just why cats are so much cleverer than dogs

Packed with fabulous photography throughout, this endearing gift book will go down a treat with sailors and cat lovers alike.

Bailey Boat Cat